Engineering/Traffic Control Division

The Engineering/Traffic Division of the Clarksville Street Department consists of 25 employees including engineers, construction inspectors, certified traffic professionals, and support staff. Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Division include the following:

  • Provide project management for Street Department capital projects including roadway widening, traffic signal installations, sidewalk construction and drainage system upgrades or modifications. There are currently 26 active projects totaling over $80 million dollars.
  • Review and comment on proposed subdivisions, site plans, and zoning change requests submitted through the Clarksville-Montgomery Regional Planning Commission.
  • Review and issue grading and drainage permits on development projects in accordance with the City Stormwater Manual and Drainage Ordinance.
  • Provide traffic control operations across in accordance with City Ordinances, TDOT guidelines and AASHTO regulations.
  • Implement stormwater processes in accordance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) MS4 Program.
  • Maintain and update infrastructure assets such as the road network, drainage features, traffic control features, street lights, and sidewalks.
  • Review and monitor annual contracts totaling over 5 million dollars for paving, guardrail repair, pavement markings, drainage improvements, and traffic signal maintenance.