Q: How did this concept/capital project get started?

A: While the City offers many accessible options and venues, we are using this opportunity to elevate accessibility at City-owned properties. The concept started after several City leaders were invited to participate in the “Spend a Day in My Wheels'' challenge (courtesy of Alex Johnson and Permobil Foundation, facilitated by Stephanie Watson and Emily Mills). The participants had authentic conversations about making our City  more accessible based on our personal experiences in the challenge. 

Q: What is the Accessibility Enhancements Capital Project?

A: This capital project, created by the City Council in 2023, allows for multi-year planning and funding for projects that increase accessibility for all citizens. 

Q: What types of accessibility does this initiative/capital project address?

A: Our intention is for this initiative and capital project to address accessibility for all ability types. From vision impairment to physical limitations and everything in between, our goal is to cultivate projects that provide a variety of accessibility improvements. 

Q: Can I see the projects that are planned?

A: Yes! We are excited to share our progress and plans with the public to improve accessibility. On this webpage you will find completed as well as planned projects. This is a multi year project which we hope will have additional funding available in future years. As this project evolves you’ll notice additional projects added to both the completed and planned projects tabs.

Q: Can I add projects for consideration to this capital project?

A: Absolutely. Please email tessa.luntz@cityofclarksville.com to provide feedback on projects you would like to see considered for inclusion in the capital project. 

Committee Members

Tessa Luntz | Director, Human Resources
 Lauren Winters | Grants Director 
John Hilborn | Project Manager, 
Municipal Properties 
Amie Wilson | Chief Information Officer 
David Smith | Director, Clarksville Street Department 
Mike Ringgenberg | Director, Clarksville Transit System 
Jimmy Settle | Communications Director 
Michael Palmore | Director, Building & Facilities Maintenance 
Patricia Nesbitt | Business Analyst, Clarksville Transit System 
Robert Forest | Captain, Clarksville Fire Rescue 
Daniel Lane | Captain, Clarksville Police Department 
Casey Williams | Communications Specialist 
Bob Kendrick | Codes Enforcement Manager, Building & Codes 
Charles Simon | Grounds & Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, BFM 
Charles Bentley | Ground & Facilities Maintenance Manager, Parks & Rec 
Yolanda Davis | Senior Human Resources Specialist, CDE Lightband 
Brandy Slaughter | Executive Assistant, Clarksville Gas, Water and Sewer