Traffic / Community Relations / Parks Unit


The Traffic Enforcement Unit assures the safe, orderly flow of traffic and to discourage criminal activity within the jurisdiction.  The Clarksville Police Department has designed a detailed Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) within the Traffic Enforcement Unit for the assignment of traffic personnel to prevent traffic crashes, to reduce traffic violations, and to deter criminal behavior. They systematically deploy sworn officers to meet public needs based on the analysis of traffic crash data, traffic enforcement activities, and criminal offense patterns within the community. The Traffic Enforcement Unit will compile and analyze all traffic crash data, roadway traffic volume and conditions, traffic enforcement statistics, and criminal activity patterns.  The enforcement effort will be routinely directed toward the times and locations where traffic crashes, violations, and criminal acts take place.

Community relations unit

Community Oriented Policing and Crime Prevention is a fundamental responsibility of every departmental employee. The Community Relations Unit acts as a focal point for police efforts to create and maintain a climate of cooperation and trust, to gather information about citizens' concerns, and to respond effectively to them.  The mission of the Community Relations Unit is to do everything possible to keep channels of communication open between the Police Department and the public, and to assure that developing or potential problems are addressed constructively. The department’s awareness programs will focus on crime prevention based on annual crime data by crime types and geographic areas as well as address community perceptions and misperceptions of crime. The programs are designed to educate our community members on how they can lessen their chances of becoming a statistic. While these programs are only a small part of a comprehensive law enforcement effort, they focus on the prevention of crime from available crime data reports where improvement is essential to better serve its community.


The Police Department in coordination with Parks and Recreation performs law enforcement functions necessary to ensure safety with the city’s park facilities.  There is a Maritime Boat Patrol, under the purview of the traffic unit is to enforce boating laws and to ensure safety on the waterways.